4. Polyphase Induction Motor With One or Two Cages

Program VICA-30H is an upgrade of an earlier program. The upgrade adds an empirical core-loss correction factor that makes user calculations check better with test values. VICA-30H runs in either English or SI units. It deals with random-, or for-wound stator, copper or aluminum wire in the stator, lap windings, double- or single layer, lap winding with round or rectangular wire, concentric windings, rotor bars or any know conductivity, in double-cage motors, bottom bars can be of the same or of different material than the top bars, double-cage motors may have one, or two, end-rings at each end, end rings can be of any known conductivity, and may be flat against the rotor laminations or extended a short distance from them, rotors may be die-cast, or fabricated. There may be radial vent ducts in either stator or rotor, dual rotor construction, that is two rotors on the same shaft, two stator cores and winding common to the two stator core (applies only to single-cage motors). Stators and/or rotors can be "canned".

The manual gives an extensive discussion on empirical adjustments or calculations. Furthermore, it also gives an 11-page discussion on how polyphase motors are classified, on standard lead markings, and a general discussion on polyphase motor windings.

   5. Spatial Harmonics (dimensionless)

Two programs are included in the instruction book; one program is for concentric windings: the other determines the spatial harmonics created by polyphase lap windings, connected in almost any way, such as consequent-pole, partial-winding starting, pole-amplitude-modulated windings, etc., space harmonics for concentric windings are also included in Vica-42 and VICA-44